Kodak Black Net Worth: Popular American Rapper

Kodak Black Net Worth

Kodak Black is a popular American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His blends elements of hip-hop, trap, and R&B. Kodak has risen to fame in recent years, and his music has garnered him a massive following across the world. In this article, we’ll take a look at Kodak Black Net Worth, early years, career, personal life, controversies and legal troubles.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Nickname: Kodak Black, Bill Kahan Blanco, J-Black
Real Name: Bill K. Kapri, Dieuson Octave
Net Worth: $5 million
Birthplace: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Weight: 66 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Engaged
Spouse: None
Children: King Khalid Octave, Queen Yuri, Izzabella, Prince Kapri
Girlfriend: Maranda Johnson
Date of Birth: June 11, 1997
Gender: Male
Height: 1.68 m
Profession: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Source of Wealth: Music
Education: Blanche Ely High School
Father: Octave
Mother: Marcelene Octave
Brother: John Wicks
Sister: None

Early Years

Kodak Black was born on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States. His birth name was Dieuson Octave, but he eventually changed it to Bill K. Kapri. He grew up with his 2 siblings. His parents were Haitian immigrants, and he lived the most of his youth in poverty. Kodak Black was dismissed from school in fifth grade and arrested multiple times for a variety of offenses, including drug use and robberies.


Kodak Black started his music career in 2013 when he released his first mixtape, “Project Baby.” The mixtape was a huge success and garnered him a lot of attention from the music industry. He continued to release mixtapes over the next few years, including “Heart of the Projects,” and “Institution.”  Fellow rapper Drake posted a video of himself dancing to Kodak’s song “Skrt” in 2015, it drew the attention of Atlantic Records and landed Kodak a deal.

In 2016, he worked with French Montana on “Lockjaw” and released his mixtape “Lil B.I.G. Pac,” receiving attention as a member of XXL magazine’s “2016 Freshman Class.” As his success expanded, so did the problems around him, but he remained unfazed.

With the release of “Tunnel Vision” in 2017, Kodak Black scored his first top ten hit, paving the way for his first studio album “Painting Pictures,” which peaked at number three on the Billboard 200. Despite criticism for statements about other musicians, he remained focused on his music, creating albums such as “Project Baby 2” and its deluxe edition “Project Baby 2: All Grown Up,” which included the smash track “Codeine Dreaming.”

After experiencing legal hurdles following a raid on his Florida home in January 2018, Kodak Black persevered and released his mixtape “Heart Break Kodak” on Valentine’s Day that year. Later, in December 2018, he released his second album, “Dying to Live,” which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 list, aided by songs such as “Zeze” starring Travis Scott and Offset.


Despite continuous legal issues, Kodak Black continued to release music, including songs “Zombie” in October 2019 and “Vultures Cry 2” in May 2020. Remarkably, he did not let a prison sentence to stifle his creativity, releasing his third album “Bill Israel” in November 2020.

After recovering his freedom, Kodak Black immediately returned to the studio. He released tracks like “Last Day In” and “Every Balmain” early in 2021. His production continued prodigious, with the release of “Haitian Boy Kodak” mixtape in May 2021 and “Happy Birthday Kodak” in June.

One of his best tunes, “Super Gremlin,” paved the way for his fourth studio album, “Back for Everything,” which was released in February 2022 and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200.

Kodak Black signed a lucrative deal with Capitol Records after leaving Atlantic Records, and his final effort with Atlantic, “Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1,” published on October 2022. The mixtape’s popularity, which peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200, cemented his tenacity and long-lasting influence in the music business.

His sixth studio album “When I Was Dead” was released as a surprise album by Sniper Gang on November 10, 2023, and distributed by Capitol Records.

His discography includes: “Painting Pictures (2017),” “Dying to Live (2018),” “Bill Israel (2020),” “Back for Everything (2022),” “Pistolz & Pearlz (2023), and “When I Was Dead (2023).”

Personal Life

Kodak is the father of 4 children from different women.


In January 2017, Kodak Black received flak after releasing an Instagram Live video of himself in a hotel room with males while a woman performed oral sex on them. He later apologized on Twitter, recognizing his difficulty with change.

In June 2017, he sparked outrage by stating a preference for lighter-skinned women over darker-skinned ones, prompting condemnation and the termination of his social media accounts. He made nasty remarks about black women, calling them “too gutter” for him.

In April 2019, Kodak Black was widely condemned for making inappropriate statements about Lauren London, the girlfriend of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who had recently been slain. He pledged to wait for her romantically, sparking demands to boycott his music. Despite his apology, the episode severely harmed his reputation.

Legal troubles

He went to the adolescent correctional facility several times in a year and was placed on probation. In October 2015, he was arrested and charged with robbery, violence, false imprisonment, and marijuana possession. The next year, he was charged with further offenses, including felony possession of a firearm and escaping authorities.

Despite legal challenges, he faced more accusations in May 2016, including armed robbery and wrongful imprisonment. A plea deal resulted in house arrest, but outstanding warrants and additional arrests kept him in detention.

Further arrests and legal difficulties ensued, including repeated probation breaches and charges stemming from sexual assault claims. In November 2019, he received a 46-month sentence for federal gun offenses.

In January 2021, then-President Donald Trump reduced his sentence, although he still faced sexual assault accusations in South Carolina. He eventually entered a plea agreement for a lower offense.

His legal problems persisted, with failed drug tests and consequent rehabilitation orders. In December 2023, he was caught again for cocaine possession and evidence tampering, resulting in another time in federal jail for breaking his probation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kodak Black

1. Who is Kodak Black?

Kodak is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

2. When was Kodak Black born?

Kodak was born on June 11, 1997.

3. What is Kodak Black’s birth name?

Kodak’s birth name is Dieuson Octave.

4. Where is Kodak Black from?

Kodak is from Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.

5. What is Kodak Black’s net worth?

Kodak Black’s net worth is around $5 million.

6. What are some of Kodak Black’s biggest hits?

Some of Kodak’s biggest hits include “Tunnel Vision”, “Zeze”, “Roll in Peace”, and “No Flockin”.

7. Has Kodak Black had any legal troubles?

Kodak has had several legal issues throughout his career, including charges for drug possession, weapons possession, and sexual assault. These incidents led to multiple jail terms.

8. Does Kodak Black have any siblings?

Kodak has 2 siblings.

9. Does Kodak Black have any children?

Kodak has 4 children.


Kodak Black is one of the most talented and unique artists in the music industry today. He has managed to carve out a successful career and has become a beloved figure to many fans around the world.

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